35JBCS is a full-service video production facility, offering standard definition, high-definition, and web enabled video production services. we offer multi-camera production facilities, Full screen production facilities, and digital multitrack audio recording services.

Besides offering a full range of studio high-definition and multi-cameramic video production services, we offer a complete range of location-based video production. We have traveled around the world capturing important documentation in high definition and standard definition for Fortune 500 companies

We also feature award-winning motion graphics production and postproduction capabilities.

Additionally, we feature full audio production including voice over and narration for your project.

Post Production

5Bring your high definition and standard definition video postproduction needs to us. We offer state-of-the-art facilities, flexible scheduling, and I hands on dedication that cannot be beat. With over 25 years of video production

But it isn't just technology that makes great video. With over 25 years of video postproduction experience, JBCS offers a critical eye, attention to detail and award winning skills to your corporate, industrial or commercial video. we've handled everything from local spot production to feature length work.

When you trust your production to JBCS, you can be guaranteed that it will be on time and on budget.


JBCS offers duplication and distribution of your media in either standard definition or high-definition formats. we can distribute your products to corporate headquarters remote offices or individuals in your company communication stream.


JBCS can also host your production online to allow for viewing on a variety of devices including state-of-the-art mobile technologies.

We can also create custom mobile applications that allow your message to be seen within the mobile5 application space. We are constantly striving to stay ahead and abreast of quickly evolving video distribution technologies including the web and social media. Video is the future of the web and its associated technologies. We're ready to bring your message to everywhere that it can be seen.